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10th Anniversary Run

Well our 10th Anniversary run was a huge success with a great turnout.  Below are the awards that were given out on the day with photos as well.  Thanks to all those who made the day possible.  A special thanks to those who came a long way to enjoy the day with us!


  • Peoplesí Choice went to Dave MUSCAT

  • Best Queensland Loco went Bill BAGLEY

  • The Gillam Family Furthest travelled (perpetual trophy) went to Doug PATERSON of Buderim

  • Best Overall went to Jake GILLAM

  • Councillors Choice went to Jake GILLAM


Distinguished Guests

Bill Bagley "Best QLD Loco"

Jake Gillam "Councillors Choice"

Jake Gillam "Best Overall"

Dave Muscat "Peoples Choice"

Doug Patterson of Buderim "Furthest Travelled"

Jake Gillam


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